Quality care means a lot more than simply filling prescriptions.  Quality care means getting the right prescriptions and medications a patient needs, in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring compliance and adherence to the drug regimen. 

We have achieved the following in our in-house pharmacy:


Fewer medication errors, resulting in a decreased number of readmissions.

 Research has shown that over half of medication errors occur during transitions in care.  Our in-house pharmacy focuses on a patient’s transition from hospital to home reducing the occurrence of these errors.

Better medication compliance and a more accurate regimen once patients are discharged.

Our in-house pharmacists have access to a patient’s electronic medical record and can ensure patients are put back on medications that were discontinued when they were admitted. In addition, these pharmacists can easily consult with our physicians and other healthcare professionals at the hospital facilities. They are able to confirm that patients receive the correct medications and understand how to take them before they leave, promoting medication adherence.


Specialty pharmacy services for those, such as oncology patients, who require high-cost medications or other products that are not normally stocked in retail pharmacies.

By ensuring that most medications are available, our pharmacists can help with the convenience of obtaining scarce drugs and medications, all leading to higher patient satisfaction and better outcomes.