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Rheumatic disease can affect patients of any age, manifesting as Lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. At Morning Star Hospital, our rheumatology experts offer specialized care for a wide range of conditions, including all forms of arthritis, osteoporosis, gout and connective tissue diseases.



Ambulance Services

When accidents and illnesses occur unexpectedly, you need urgent care.  In their role as first-line providers,  our emergency physicians are responsible for initiating resuscitation and stabilization, starting investigations and interventions to diagnose and treat sudden illnesses. We have upped the ante with our fast track ambulance service.


At Morning Star Hospitals, we offer the full range of cardiac treatments that cater for every age range. Cardiac outpatient diagnosis and inpatient treatment are carried out at Morning Star Hospital with the highest level of surgical and medical care.



Respiratory Services

Our Respiratory Therapy Service provides care for both adult and pediatric patients. Respiratory therapists, under the direction of a physician, assess patients for problems with their cardiopulmonary system and provide a wide variety of treatments including mechanical ventilation, medication aerosols, volume enhancement, and respiratory muscle strengthening exercises to promote bronchial hygiene and restore normal lung function.


Our neurologists specialize in the field of neurology and are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, migraines, and Alzheimer disease.

Our pediatric neurologists treat neurological disease in children.



Diabetic Supplies

At Morning Star Hospitals we provide highly specialized care for people with diabetes and related conditions.  Our network of diabetes physicians, clinical diabetes educators, and allied specialists is dedicated to helping you prevent and manage diabetes and its complications and take control of your health.

Others Medical Services We Offer




Nutrition Therapy

Mail Order Medical Supplies

Home Medical Equipment

Physician Practice Management

Occupational Safety & Health

Home Infusion Therapy

Pre-employment Medical Screening

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Hepatitis B & C

Seafarer Medical Certification

OGUK Medical Certification

Health Talks

Food Handlers/De-worming Certification

Preventive Prostate Care

International Referrals/Partnerships