Meet Dr. Ohia

Educational Background
The Chief Medical Director, Dr. (Chief) Patrick Chika Ohia (MBBS, DFM, FAGP, DMP) graduated from the College of Medicine, the University of Ibadan in June 1982.  He later did a post-graduate program in Family Medicine from the Post-graduate Medical College. He has undergone several other training, both locally and internationally. He has been awarded fellow of the Association of General Practitioners of Nigeria (FAGPS) and the Distinguished Medical Practitioner (DMP), all from the National Association of Private Medical Practitioners.
He belongs to so many professional organizations, including the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), Society of Family Physician of Nigeria (SFPON) and American Academy of Family Physician (AAFP). He is married with lovely children.
Dr. Patrick Ohia

Dr. Patrick Ohia


Simply slipping on a white coat won’t command respect from your patients; it must be earned. Apart from having an encyclopedic medical knowledge that can be recalled in a moment, Dr. Patrick Ohia is a sincere and compassionate physician whose genuine care for his patients is very well felt.


With over 30 years of experience in the medical profession and a strong work ethic, you get to meet a distinguished physician with a huge insight into different medical techniques and the rapid evolution of medicine.